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A Ceremonial Retreat

*At Capacity*



Your Journey Begins Here...

The journey to self-discovery can be confusing, overwhelming, unsure and sometimes lonely...

  • Where/How do I star my journey?

  • How do I deepen my connection within?

  • How can I level up & elevate ?

  • How do I discover & release who I THINK I am versus living as who I WANT TO AUTHENTICALLY BE?

  • How do I soften into my healing & ease the pain, anger, grief, sadness, anxiety.

  • I often feel like an imposter whenever I tap into what makes me happy

Within the serene setting of the lush Kawartha's, you will embark on a journey to deep self-discovery & gain clarity towards the unveiling of your purest, most authentic expression while feeling held & lovingly witnessed by soul sisters. 

This is a journey of remembering and re-membering oneself in the way of a Weaver & powerful Creatrix.

This Journey will be accessed & embarked on riding in the vehicles of various plantcestors, invaluable ancient practices & sacred rituals of a New Earth Medicine Woman.

  • She who looks beyond the veil & feels empowered through her developed emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness & embodiment of radical self love.

  • She who moves through life connected to the Mother Earth & Father Sky

  • She who longs to be raw & primal without judgement.

  • She who is ready to step into & live in the frequency of universal love, naturally & without force.

  • She who is ready to awaken deeper into her powerful Divine Feminine nature rooted in undeniable confidence & passion for herself & life!

She who is ready to activate the bliss body, journey to higher realms of truth & experience the potential of who you are & how you are needed to raise the healing of the planet.


A Ceremonial Weekend

It will hold both playful & sacred ceremonies with the deepest intention of nourishing our tender hearts, cultivate optimal Shakti flow, repairing and deepening our Womb / Heart/ Throat lines, while the energies of trauma, separateness & disillusionment are released. 

Each Ceremony held will encourage old layers to be shed & a cracking a open via one of these three medicines:

the Playful & Creative

the Sacred & Wild

the Plant & Elemental

Each rooted with the deepest intention of nourishing our tender hearts, cultivate optimal Shakti flow, repairing and deepening our Womb / Heart/ Throat lines, while the energies of trauma, separateness & disillusionment are released. 

The ceremonial retreat will include:

- Developing a morning practice that will connect you to our Great Mother & cultivate optimal Shakti flow

- Tapping into your blissful body, the anandamaya kosha:  the junction between formless Source and form. It is the place where Shiva and Shakti or consciousness and energy meet and intermingle

- Ecstatic Embodiment & Movement to harness primal creation energy, releasing etheric and ancestral blocks, & awaken your highest expression of being fully embodied in your authentic essence

- Receive the 13th Rite of the Munay- Ki: Rite of the Womb as passed down from woman to woman

- Learn how to have "conversations with Gaia" , our Great Mother, and translate her symbols, signs and gifts to guide you along your path of authentic living & healing.

- Commune with sacred Plantcestors*, guided by Monica in ritual & ceremony

- How to prepare and participate in an "Ofrenda" Offering & Ceremony

- Indulging in a rich & nourishing heart medicine ceremony with Cacaosita (a.k.a Cacao )

- Radical Self-Love & Sacred Rage Ceremony

- Creative play & Art Therapy Workshop

- Throat Activation with Sacred Song & Mantra Fire circle

-  Wisdom Teachings of a New Earth Medicine Woman

- Free time to wander , daydream or explore the water, kayak, canoe .

- Organic soul food & fuel: a grounding variety spread upon arrival, energizing breakfasts for both mornings, 1 mouth watering lunch, a hearty dinner,  cold pressed juices, booster shots, fresh nut milks, adaptogen mushroom tea/coffee.

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What's Included

All Sacred Ceremonies

Shakti Activations

13th Rite of Munay-Ki; Rite of the Womb

Sacred Feminine Embodiment Guidance

Plant Medicine

Art Therapy Workshop & Supplies

All Lodging

All Fresh, Organic Meals & Juices

Activities & Equipment


Begin Your Journey...


Payment plans available. $200 non-refundable deposit to save your spot & secure your room. Private Room is first come first serve.

PRIVATE ROOM: 1 QUEEN BED (1 - 2 occupancy)

Single Occupancy, $749


Friend Shared Bed [2 people], $599 / person



(2 person occupancy)


1 Queen Bed: 1 occupant, $599


Bunk Bed, Dbl bed, $579


Bunk Bed, Top Twin Bed, $549



I have attended a number of offerings held by Monica and every time I am speechless with the love, care and time she puts into her ceremonies & healing spaces.

Monica is a caring & genuine leader who draws out inspiration and confidence from everyone she sits with.  She is a loving mentor, powerful healer, & passionate leader.


An amazing experience hosted by a beautiful soul. Monica has such a loving energy and has created a safe space to allow yourself to unfold in whatever form that may be. The whole ceremony was exactly as intended, sacred, no judgement and liberating .


Monica is a woman walking her path. It is refreshing to have a spiritual guide who allows herself to be playful , but in a way that is welcoming & inspiring.  I feel comfortable and held whenever I sit in ceremony with her as she always knows the right things to do to help me surrender a bit deeper into the practices she prescribes. She is a powerhouse & has helped me remember that I am one too!


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