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The Science Behind High Vibrational Foods

"Let medicine be thy food and food thy medicine / Nature itself is the best physician"

-- Hippocrates

What does it actually mean to "High Vibrational Foods". ?

We are living in a Golden Age; a time of Ascension & integration with the Cosmos – where we shift from 3D to 4D, and for some, 5D states of consciousness (or a combination of all 3). The result is a massive shift in collective consciousness, with many around the world becoming more & more in-tune with their spirituality and realizing the unlimited potential for self-expansion.

Food plays such a huge role in this shift; with more focus on “clean eating” & more emphasis on eating ‘high vibrational’ foods, it is important to know what this actually means & how you can benefit from nature’s bounty.

So what is “high vibrational eating”? The simple answer is eating foods that will contribute to maintain or raising your own energetic vibration & nourish your physical & spiritual form.

I think we can all agree that everything has energy – if it is made up of atoms it has energy- from the phone/tablet/computer you are reading this on, to the trees, rocks, dirt, us,….& food – it is all made of the same stuff….Energy!

This brings me to the KINDS or types of foods we ingest, and how a few things may require an open mind and change in perception of what one would consider “food”

….but first; science.

A scientist by the name of André Simoneton, an engineer & an expert in electromagnetism, took to research the vibrations in food. On the basis of his findings, Simoneton divided foods into four general classes. On a scale of zero to 10,000 angstroms – a unit to convey wavelengths, Andre found the basic human wavelength to be about 6.5 thousand. So logically, foods with a vibration equal to or above will yield the maximum benefits to our overall well –being.

Super high vibrational foods, the ones that yield the highest physical health gains & purest karmic value include that of which contain high mineral & “prana” (Life Force Energy). This includes, Chlorophyll. Wheat grass, raw cacao, spirulina, lemons, limes, seaweed, Goji berries & almonds!

Foods that have wavelengths equal to 6.5 thousand and 10,000 angstroms, were also of the highest quality - fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, olive oil. In the next class below, with radiations under 6.5 thousand to 3,000 angstroms, are peanut oil, wine (hooray!), boiled vegetables, cane sugar, berries, leafy & root veggies.

As far as animal discharge & flesh foods are concerned, Simoneton finds them to be almost valueless. Animal flesh has one of the worst vibrations and this sinks low in the third category by the time it is cooked. Sea foods must be eaten raw to gain their full value, otherwise they drop into the same category. Animal milks lose all of their vibrational output after pasteurisation, yielding no bioenergy radiations at all. Also in this category: butter, margarine, conserves, alcoholic spirits.

Now you might be thinking…but we NEED to eat animal flesh because of protein? B12? Iron? Etc….I will ask you this….Where does the original source get their protein, b12, iron etc. from? And they are much larger then you and I. According to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, and represents over 100,000 credentialed practitioners — registered dietitian nutritionists, dietetic technicians, registered, and other dietetics professionals holding undergraduate and advanced degrees in nutrition and dietetics; a plant- based diet is sustainable in all stages of life (

When we eat a high vibration diet, we are nourishing our mind, body & spirit.

It has been proven that the foods we eat can have a physiological impact, from triggering inflammatory responses to mucous causing irritations. What we ingest effects us right down to a cellular level - encouraging or starving disease & illness.

Some of the wisest Gurus of ancient & current times have all advocated the same message - when we eat death, it lowers your spiritual vibration closer to death, aging & disease. Our body is a temple, not a graveyard.

In a country where we have access to so much abundance when it comes to food – grocery stores every few kilometers offering a plethora of choices – as well as a generation where we no longer need to forage for berries & rub sticks together to make fire – a time where we have broken the chains of so much oppression despite what was once considered tradition (i.e slavery, women’s rights, gender equality) – an era of raised consciousness & spiritual connection– would you consider the idea that one does not NEED to eat these lower vibrational “foods” to survive. Would you consider the karmic effects of eating that who is sentient, proven to express emotion like you & I, and can express fear, and feel pain? That, spiritually, there is no moral difference between objectifying dogs, cats, cows, pigs, chickens. Would you consider making a choice that will reduce the pain & suffering of a living being; despite what their understood intelligence levels? After all, if intelligence dictated a right to life, then perhaps the more vulnerable humans to this stigma would be considered less valued. Humans are animals too.

Even from a physical health standpoint, there is a reason why the term is an “apple a day keeps the doctor away” & not “a burger a day…”.

I would encourage you to seek further; past the veil of conditioning. Open your eyes to the truth. Then, seriously ask yourself, is taste more important than life?

We are all made up of the same stuff; energy, therefore we are all one.

Much Love,

Monica Hickey, A.R.T, 300 HR YTT, HHNH

Spark Health & Wellness

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