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Spreading Good Vibrations

"I’ve had a few Reiki sessions in my life. Nothing like the one I had with Monica today. I left feeling such a sense of calm and almost an out of body experience. It was powerful. I went in emotionally beaten up and I left feeling the complete opposite. Thank you Monica!! You helped me in ways I cannot even begin to describe"


"Monica's gentle guidance made it easier to explore the parts of myself I neglected. Her Womb Awakening Practices & Techniques were refreshing, unique and profound.  I was absolutely blown away how powerful the relationship a woman can have with her womb (physical or psychic womb!) - it opens up a doorway of hidden knowledge & intuition. I look forward to continuing our journey. "


Took an 'Aura' workshop and my first time meeting Monica. Very relaxed atmosphere. Extremely informative session and unique. I can't wait to see what workshop she'll teach next.


"i have been researching Ikigai for a little while now but found it hard pressed to find a course out there that was one-on-one and with concepts I can apply. Monica brings forth a wave of excitement & sincerity with the program and her coaching style is sincere and uplifting. Thank you for your light & love Monica!"


"What a breath of fresh air!  Monica made me feel strong and empowered. Looking forward to connecting into more practices with her and connecting better with myself. Thank You for your kindness & inspiration"


'I came into Yoga with an old sport injury in my knee and no clue about Yoga. In just 3 weeks I noticed a difference in my flexibility and strength. Even more surprising was the pain in knee, which I had been battling for so many years, had decreased significantly. Thank you Monica for your attention and care. You are a wonderful spirit and caring soul.


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