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An ecstatic dance experience into quasi-mystical trances & Bliss Body activations

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The Mission:

Ecstatica's sacred mission is to ignite the community & support your own power to cultivate & reach beautiful states of ecstasy .


The inspiration comes from our beloved Mother Nature, who reflects to us how to use the elements to create unlimited abundance & ecstasy from within.

The Mission



"This is the Chocolate Groove of Durham Region but 2.0"

- Nicole


"I didn't know what I was getting into but I am sure glad I got into it"

- Amil


"This was the first time I was able to move and dance without feeling judged. Thank You"

- Maryann


"The music was unreal! I loved every minute"

- Chelsea


"An amazing community. The cacao, the dance, sound bath...medicine for the soul"

- Trevor

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ecstatic graphic 2.png
ecstatic graphic 2.png

ECSTATICA Agreements

THE DANCE FLOOR IS FOR ORGANIC MOVEMENT :  If you have deep insights or feel like having a conscious conversation, please do so on the side, around the perimeter of the dancefloor.

BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU:  Please arrive as yourself. Sober & beautifully you.  Escape in the rhythm & bass. Get high on your own supply.

LEAVE ALL JUDGEMENTS OUTSIDE THE DOOR: We are all exquisite , unique & practice acceptance of all.

RESPECT THE SPACE: The dance floor is for movement & expression. Please keep your shoes at the door & heavy perfumes at home :) 




Sean Crites, 'WIZDOM'

Sean Crites, is a decorated DJ and music enthusiast with over 30 years of experience. Throughout his career, Sean has played shows all over Ontario, Canada since the mid 90's. He has been featured in TRIBE Magazine multiple times as well as publications in the UK and has won multiple DJ competitions. His music specialties are house, techno, trance, breaks, and jungle.

Monica Guerreiro

Monica Hickey

Founder, Monica Guerreiro is initiated as a New Earth Master Medicine Woman who continues to explore in the realms of spiritual mysticism, playful exploration, philosophy & divine connection through sacred processes & empowering practices such as embodiment, dance, chant, breath-work and prayer . Monica's deep intention in everything she creates is to weave play & prayer in all things she shares in community. Her events are a sought after experience within the Durham Region as she brings elements of raw authenticity, excitement & holds all she meets in safe space to feel into the same level of authentic peace.

Community Collaboration


We believe in the power of community collaboration. Are you a sound bath creatrix? Trained in transformational breathwork? Do you have strong vocals? Play an instrument? Do you play the digeridoo? Are you a drumming enthusiast? Maybe the handpan? Harmonium? etc.


We would love to hear from you!

Community Collab

Inspire by Mother Nature's Beauty


ECSTATICA is a coming together, to come as you are and feel into the unique expression of your body's artistry through dance, play & joyful celebration. You will be taken on an a journey through the elements and within each phase tapping into beautiful energetic pulses & waves that emanate from the beat of the music and into your heart.

Forest Path


 Tempo: Soft & slow moving & full of bass.


Ground in , connect with your physical body, find your rhythm, plant your seeds of intention. Begin to sprout from the depths of density , blossom and awaken to the first beat.

Flock of Birds


Tempo: Increased & playful.

Begin to take flight. Unroot yourself and soar. Allow the wind to take you into mystery, playfulness, possibility, sensuality, grace. Become weightless on your feet and spread your wings. Trust in the unseen vibrations that pulse within your heart and put trust back into the feeling of your intuitive movements.

Camp Fire


Tempo is exciting, quick, exhilarating.


Let it all go. Fan your sacred flame. Ignite your wildest desires. Dance with the blazing embers. Feel the heat rise from your root and into your crown - exploding ecstasy. Burn away the false masks, surrender into transcendence, welcome deep transformation. Get lost in your unique fiery glow. Move through the inferno of bliss.



Rehydrate your soul. Dive deep into the nourishment of your crystalline nectar. Swim freely into the rivers of self-love. Feel the ease of your joints move through the waves of sound. This is the time where we soften into the emotional ebbs & flow to bring clarity and allow your unique expression ripple through the oceans of time.

Rainbow Bubbles


Space. Peace. Serenity. Stillness. Float into heaven on Earth while you sink into the vibration of soft sounds, subtle ambient melodies. Within the stillness... within the pause, space is found for profound integration. Comeback to the origin point of your existence. That first breath. The point of origin. Where nothing is require of you here. Just be.


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