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Finally, you have arrived...


The planet is on a upward trajectory towards higher consciousness living. We are awakening...

We are in a New Earth Consciousness. This is an awakening where our growth & healing journey isn't solely focused on the painful grind , but rather a playful curiosity & exploration to awakening through play and prayer. 

We are awakening to a time where we lived life as a ceremony and trusted in the whispers within the subtle realms of spirit and ancestor.  Where we would gather to heal from a place of creativity, compassion, dance, medicine, intuition, and collaboration.

To a time where we felt rested in the womb of the Great Mother, and was met with a deep remembrance of ONE, that all life is connected, nothing is separate, and every moment is an opportunity to feel this beauty. This radiance and bliss create a deep peace in the heart and the ultimate surrender that reveals all sacred truth.

If you are reading this, you are being guided back to re-member & live as you were born to live...a Divine, Sensual & Sacred being born of love, pleasure, bliss & universal energy.

New Earth Medicine Woman
Monica (Guerreiro) Hickey


Kambo Practitioner


Sacred Embodiment & Womb Work


Plant Medicine Ceremonialist

Take the leap with Monica (Guerreiro) Hickey

Monica is initiated as a New Earth Master Medicine Woman & a Certified Kambo Practitioner. Her certifications & permissions include Womb Healing, Shamanic practices, Plant Medicine facilitation, & Tantric Alchemical healing.  For over 20 years, Monica has devoted to her own healing and growth as a devoted child to our Great Mother Gaia.  Monica continues to explore in the realms of spiritual mysticism, philosophy  & divine connection through sacred processes such as in sitting with medicines of the Earth & empowering practices such as embodiment, chant, breath-work and prayer .

Through her sought-after ceremonies , "Luminosa; Feminine Ascension Portals" & "Emergence" , as well as her potent one on one & group medicine containers ,  Monica has help guide & empower hundreds of men and women towards a sacred remembering of their own potential &  into embodied living of their highest timeline.

Monica is has been initiated into the medicine of safely serving Kambo Hapé/Rapeh  & other plant medicine facilitation, a certified Cacao Ceremonialist, a holistic nutrition graduate, a Green Sash in the ancient Chinese martial art, Wing Chun Kung Fu, a student of Qi Gong & is a certified 300 hour Yoga teacher since 2015.Her motto is "healing can be fun' and weaves elements of play and prayer into all that she creates. 

Sacred Wild Alchemy is the forging of our divine nature & fierce aspects of our primal being in order to elevate our innermost vibration & blooming. Just as Mother Nature creates in effortless flow, we too are a creatrix waiting to weave our desires into manifestation for a joyous, fruitful and pleasurable life.

Woman, You are the ULTIMATE Creatrix.


Just a Glimpse...

A few of Monica's Offerings


& Jungle Medicines

Kambo is a unique medicine that comes from the secretion of the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog in the Amazon.  It is full of therapeutic peptides that stimulate the receptors in the body that advocate deep detoxification & healing on a cellular/physical level as well as emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It is served along side sister medicines that all combine for a potent healing ceremony. Kambo bring the science and spiritual together in one. 

That was f******g WILD!...

So healing. I felt a massive block in my 3rd eye release.


Monica’s circle ignited a flame within me I didn’t even know existed. Within one night of gathering with the most beautiful sisters; holding each other, crying with each other, and embodying the most divine feminine energy - I released it ALL.


Monica is a fully embodied guide ready to hold the space in her most authentic energy. I have so much love for her + I will never forget this moment.

- Emily

A much needed experience for reconnection with myself (ego) and us (Divine). Monica has a magical way of gently and intuitively pushing you outside of your comfort zone in a way that is muchly needed to escape the shackles of “societal shoulds”, to let your spirit out of jail, to reconnect with your inner feminine, to feel love, spread love, to be free and live a happier life of love and empowerment without limits.

- Andrea P.

I just wanted to say I am still blown away by the Luminosa event held by Monica Hickey.


The amount of loving energy present in that room was so powerful. I felt so connected to myself, to the women, and to Monica.


She is a beautiful light of fire thank you

- Natalia S.


The Feminine Divine is a Goddess , Queen, Wild Woman, Nurturer, Lover, Empress, Sorceress, Medicine Woman, Mother, & Priestess. 

Beautiful Soul, I am here to tell you - living in pleasure is not a luxury. It is a birth right. Life is not suffering - life is beautiful, abundant, & exciting!


 In Tantra, desire is taught as the key to becoming connected & present to your higher self . When DESIRE meets the light of CONCIOUS AWARENESS, the guilt, shame start to fade away. We begin to heal old conditioning , traumas, and pain . 



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White and Blue Mystical Inspirational In

Sacred Sensual Woman...


Dear Woman, 

Feel no shame in your joy. Dance with the wind. Run with the Wolves


Experience in the madness of life.

One by one I invite you, woman, to dance with the Goddesses to the sacred dance in the mysteries of the feminine.

They guide your steps and each melody awakens the magic that your soul carries.

In a circle we dance naked and shamelessly with the goddesses around the burning fire that purifies and ignites the divine feminine

You have all the Goddesses inside you.


Make room for each one of them to manifest in every moment

And so, woman, wake up the witch, the healer, the warrior, the mystic, the mother, the lover, and so that you may see the size of you power.

"I am a woman, I am sacred and Divine - multifaceted with all the power within me."


xo. Monica Hickey

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