Finally, you have arrived...

Third Eye

If you are reading this, you are being guided back to re-member your illuminated, elevated, soul Goddess within...

To live as you were born to live...a Divine, Beautiful, Sensual & Sacred being born of love, pleasure & universal energy.



The Feminine Divine is a Goddess , Queen, Wild Woman, Nurturer, Lover, Empress, Sorceress, Medicine Woman, Mother, & Priestess. 

Beautiful Soul, I am here to tell you - living in pleasure is not a luxury. It is a birth right. Life is not suffering - life is beautiful, abundant, & exciting!


 In Tantra, desire is taught as the key to becoming connected & present to your higher self . When DESIRE meets the light of CONCIOUS AWARENESS, the guilt, shame start to fade away. We begin to heal old conditioning , traumas, and pain . 



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Arouse Your Sacred-Wild Feminine 

with Monica






Embodied Woman

Have you every heard the phrase "we are all one" & thought - wait, what? How?  

Over years of my own healing journey & working with women through theirs, I have come to realize a core foundation to the phrase. When I HEAL, YOU HEAL...WHEN YOU HEAL , I HEAL & THE WORLD HEALS. 

The planet is on a upward trajectory towards higher consciousness living. It can be felt in your heart - hence why are here - on my page, reading this right now.


There is a wild feminine spirit within you that is waiting to be unleashed - but over the centuries, women have felt shamed, guilted & even persecuted into feeling pleasure and practicing ritual and magic as we are meant to do!

You see, there is an untapped force that seeks to be awakened , and it's through this force we can begin to re-MEMBER our true divine souls as the sacred & wildly free light of creation. 

We carry the wounds of our ancestors, our mothers, our collective women & it is up to us to shine a loving light on these wounds so we may arise stronger, more confident in our daily lives & tap back in to the wisdom of our bodies. 

Sacred Wild Alchemy is about bringing together these elements of the divine & fierce aspects in order to transform your life. You see, we are ALL magicians waiting to weave our desires into manifestation for a joyous, fruitful and pleasurable life.

Woman, You are the ULTIMATE Creatrix.


MONICA OFFERS 1 - 1 and Group Mentorship

Plant Medicine Circles & Rituals

Womb Healing, Embodiment & Energy Healing,

Tantric Alchemy & more. 


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ARE READY TO RECLAIM YOUR SACRED & WILD SOUL GODDESS?  If so, then this is your call...

This is a  6 week devotion that combines tantric, mystic & embodied teachings with ritual & magic for the modern-day woman,  while exploring into your deepest core of your sacred divine soul & marrying it with the beautifully wild feminine within. 

SEPTEMBER 2021: Join the waitlist & receive a sneek peek of what each week's Goddess Archetype & theme you will embody throughout the 6 Week initiation

Weekly Live Calls • Weekly Sacred Practices • Guided Transmissions • Simple Spellwork •
Workable Tools & Action oriented reflection pieces to for vocation of the Sacred Wild Woman

White and Blue Mystical Inspirational In
White and Blue Mystical Inspirational In

A Divine Temple for Feminine Alchemists of all things Sacred & Wild.

This is a call for those who are ready to find:

  • A community that has no drama, yup. It's possible. 

  • A place where you can speak your truth without fear of being judged, and instead, use your voice to help inspire other women 

  • A place where you can gather in sacred ritual and level up your practices for ultimate fluidity & focus in life

  • A place to embody yourself in loving, sexy, wild ways that unleashes a freedom of soul and nourishes the deepest levels of self-love.

  • A place where you can hone in to your intuitive wisdom and honour your natural feminine cycles

  • A place where you can believe in magick, because we all believe in it too! We are creative engineers with the power to heal and manifest ANYTHING


" Monica brings forth a wave of excitement & sincerity with her programs and her coaching style is sincere and uplifting. Thank you for your light & love Monica!"

LOREN, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

A much needed experience for reconnection with myself (ego) and us (Divine). Monica has a magical way of gently and intuitively pushing you outside of your comfort zone in a way that is muchly needed to escape the shackles of “societal shoulds”, to let your spirit out of jail, to reconnect with your inner feminine, to feel love, spread love, to be free and live a happier life of love and empowerment without limits.

ANDREA, Whitby, ON

Incredible experience! Monica is an absolutely beautiful soul who guides healing, empowerment and connection to divine feminine

Deb, Oshawa ON

Sacred Sensual Woman...


Dear Woman, 

Feel no shame in your joy. Dance with the wind. Run with the Wolves


Experience in the madness of life.

One by one I invite you, woman, to dance with the Goddesses to the sacred dance in the mysteries of the feminine.

They guide your steps and each melody awakens the magic that your soul carries.

In a circle we dance naked and shamelessly with the goddesses around the burning fire that purifies and ignites the divine feminine

You have all the Goddesses inside you.


Make room for each one of them to manifest in every moment

And so, woman, wake up the witch, the healer, the warrior, the mystic, the mother, the lover, and so that you may see the size of you power.

"I am a woman, I am sacred and Divine - multifaceted with all the power within me."


xo. Monica Hickey