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3 x Private 1 on 1 sessions

This is an opening of gateways & healing paths towards your inner revolution.  May this journey take you closer to the beauty that lays within you. Sessions include but not limited to Shamanic healings, womb clearing, shakti awakening, energy work, breath practices, movement & Axial Atonements. 

 Using pleasure source codes & tantric practices, you will begin to 

tap into the Gaia Creation Grid in an embodied way to remember what your soul is here to master as a creator being.

  Embodying the pure ecstatic bliss that you can access when you begin to commune with the highest expression of your authentic self. 


Current Events

Sacred Voices Circles/Luminosa Feminine Ascension Portals / Emergence Medicine Circles / Fire & Ice Ceremony / Cacao Circles / Embodiment Healing & more....

New Earth Feminine

Fully submerged ceremonies of sound, sacred medicine and tantric alchemical healing.  

We come together into circle, sit to heal with other sisters remembering our oneness & dissolving the karmic thorns of feminine wounding that creates the illusion of separateness. We create space for expansion & welcome New Earth frequencies into our reality.

Feminine Ascension Portals

Emergence; Deep Plant Medicine

Open to all human identifications.

This gathering in circle while witnessing each other as we sit together to honour the ancient ways of healing in community & recalling our divine nature.


There is a force felt within each of us , amplified by our connection & entering, together, into a resonance of radical love. 

Journey Home

Date: Fri. May 12th - Sun. May 14th, 2023

Bringing ancient ways to the modern day as we rejoice on the path of our  reclamation of Feminine Power!

When women gather together, it is said, a vortex of energy is created that is so powerful it heals & raises the consciousness of the world

In a quaint little cottage in the rich nature of the Kawartha Lakes for a 3 day, 2 night retreat.
This will be dedicated to the activation of the new Earth medicine woman within. It will hold both playful & sacred ceremonies with the intention to nourish our hearts, cultivate optimal Shakti flow,  while the energies of trauma & separateness are released.


Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

Private 1:1 or  group ceremonies may be requested via email. 

Private Group gatherings must meet a minimum of 5 participants.


Free Community Circle! Sacred Voices is a coming together to open our voices, activate the mending of the throat chakra and raise the vibration through heart music, chant and medicine songs.


Songs/Chant lyrics will be provided, but if you have a simple chant you would like to share, please do! The circle is open!


Sacred Wild 

NEW FOR 2022

Join the Facebook sisterhood. A online temple for divine feminine alchemists. Classes, Workshops, & Rituals. 

Workshops Service
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