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Living in Ceremony

Live life as an ongoing ceremony and you will soon find yourself in all things sacred. 

Here you will find yourself at the edge of curiosity & opportunity for sacred living. Monica brings unique & rare experiences that will dissolve disillusionment, clear the scale off your eyes & bring you back into resonance with your authentic being, healing and profound love.


(Sacred Plant medicines & deep journeys, Cacao ceremonies, Hape/Sanaga, Kambo Detox, Ecstatic Dances, Breathwork, Tantric teachings, Song Circles, Sisterhood healing, & much more....)

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Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy is a beautiful jungle technology of bio-active peptides available from the Phyllomedusa bicolorr (Giant Monkey Tree Frog).  For thousands of years, this secretion has been carefully collected by local tribes throughout the Amazon River Basin for its medicinal and ceremonial value.

Because this medicine is produced naturally, as a force of life moving through the frog, Kambo is viewed as a living medicine with an inborn spirit and consciousness When the medicine enters your body the peptides that are needed for your physical and spiritual healing bond to open cellular receptors to facilitate that healing.


Somatic Womb Touch

This is a WOMB focused body work session that uses teachings from Tao & Tantra healing modalities to bring alignment, emotional release & clearing of womb/root bowl while opening the channels of the heart & throat .

Benefits include:

  • Opens the Bao Mai. The womb/heart meridian

  • Relaxes the uterus & reduces womb pain, numbness & cramps

  • Promotes physical detoxification

  • Helps with Emotional Release.

  • Realigns the physical uterus & awakens energies of the sensual body

  • Promote fertility & a well watered yoni

  • Enhances digestive function

  • 45 min - 1 hr

  • Intro rate: $65 + HST

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"Que florezca la luz."

An intimate ceremony that consists of a 3 part communion of plant & prayer.

"Florescence" means the process of flowering/to bloom and is rooted from the phrase "to flow". Sit with gentle, yet potent ancestors of the plant realms. The combination of these sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies when combined can help unify and balance the polarities within, bringing a sense of wholeness and integration and a flowering of our inner essence. 

A Full Ceremonial Experience

This intimate offering is intended for 1 - 4 people. 

* Plant medicines served are non-psychoactive yet can still induce emotional, spiritual and physical release or purge. * 

2.5 hours for all 3 sits: Hapé, Sananga, Cacao

Private, Couples, Group of 3

$88 + HST


Group of 4

$66 + HST each

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New Earth Feminine

3 x Private 1 on 1 sessions

This is an opening of gateways & healing paths towards your inner revolution.  May this journey take you closer to the beauty that lays within you. Sessions include but not limited to Shamanic healings, womb clearing, shakti awakening, energy work, breath practices, movement & Axial Atonements. 

 Using pleasure source codes & tantric practices, you will begin to  tap into the Gaia Creation Grid in an embodied way to remember what your soul is here to master as a creator being.

  Embodying the pure ecstatic bliss that you can access when you begin to commune with the highest expression of your authentic self. 

3 x 1:1 Sessions, Every Week (or bi-weekly)

Each Session can vary in duration of 1 - 3 hours

New Earth feminine

The Golden Teachers


Open to all who feel called to deeply heal and sit with to connect powerfully

to the energy of sacred plants. 

This gathering in circle while witnessing each other as we sit together to honour the ancient ways of healing in community & recalling our divine nature.


There is a force felt within each of us , amplified by our connection & entering, together, into a resonance of radical love. 


4 Hrs - 6 Hrs



GROUP (4 person min): $144 + HST


Shamanic Womb Clearing & Activation

"The womb is not a place to store fear & pain,
The womb is a place to create and give birth to life" -
Rite of the Womb, Munay-Ki

For centuries, the Womb has been suppressed - carriers of trauma and pain through generational lineages and receptive to the energetics of the collective consciousness.

Our wombs, whether physically present or not, is an energetic consciousness of her own and an intuitive resource that radiates deeper than any of the other energy channels we hold within our light body; yes, even more so than our 3rd eye.

Duration 2.5 hours

Sliding Scale Exchange:

$122 - $144


Womb Ceremony

Sacred Hape

Hapé/Rapéh is a very sacred snuff, made by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. It is a sacred blend of medicinal plants  that carries benefits which are grounding and detoxifying to the energetic and physical bodies, realigning, and clearing the chakras, and removing abhorrent energies from the system.


This sacred snuff is deeply connected to the spirit of the jaguar and the earth.

Originating from the native tribes of the Amazon, this sacred snuff has the ability to deeply ground the body, dispel mind chatter, anxiety, and dense energies. The lightness and expansiveness this medicine can bring opens one up to the teachings Grandfather Mapacho carries as well as revelations from the heart.

Many experience a profound sense of groundedness as well as a feeling of inter-connectedness with the subtle realms. Through breath and surrender, we can walk deeply into these realms and receive guidance, instruction, messages, visions, and blessings.

It works with each person in a very personal way and affects everyone differently.


GROUP (3+): $33 per person + HST


Magic Micro

This is a online container for those who are looking to introduce, refresh, re-integrate a microdosing practice into their routine.  Microdosing is a safe way to reduce anxiety, assists in stress management and can work to lift depression.  It also enhances creativity, brings in a sense of oneness and grounds you back into the present moment for a deeper sense of embodied living.

Included in your journey:

  • A information session: Benefits, Contraindications, Dose protocols, Integration assistance etc.

  • Microdose capsules provided

  • 25 page printable Tracking Journal

  • Private Group: Direct access to myself and our community

  • Weekly Meetings

  • Closing in-person ceremony or Online Ceremony

$175 +HST for 5 weeks

Magic Micro
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Feminine Ascension Portals

FEMININE ASCENSION PORTALS are fully submerged ceremonies of sound, medicine and tantric alchemical healing. This is a space for women who are truly committed to honouring their growth & healing as creatures of divine love and, simultaneously , ready to face & embrace the shadow.

When we come into circle we sit to heal with other sisters remembering our oneness & dissolving the karmic thorns of feminine wounding that creates the illusion of separateness & selfishness.


Through movement, sound, breath, we create space for expansion & welcome New Earth frequencies into our reality.

- Spirit Brews: A blend of sacred plant medicines & teachers
- Tantric & Womb Healing practices
- Ancient Embodiment Techniques / Sacred Dance & Intuitive movements
- Individual healings
- Personal headphones to stay deeply connected to the experience & take you on a magical surrendering
- A gathering of beautiful sacred sisterhood & building a support system
- Interactive & intentional rituals
- Each event is about 3-4 hours

Upcoming Gatherings



Pre-Natal Blessing

This is an intimate container for mom and , if available, dad to connect with babe in a sacred way before birth.  In this container you will fill the fruit of your womb with birthing intentions, whispers of love & prayer whilst calling on the blessings of Creator, Great Mother, your ancestors, guardians and the 13 Grandmothers. This is a beautiful way for a couple or mom to be , to honor the miracle that is growing and preparing for their journey Earth-side & infusing loving , peaceful intentions and prayer as you embark on the journey of parenthood.


​You will leave with a ceremony momento as my gift to you and your little.


​Duration 1 hour

Exchange:By Donation



Free Community Circle! Sacred Voices is a coming together to open our voices, activate the mending of the throat chakra and raise the vibration through heart music, chant and medicine songs.


Songs/Chant lyrics will be provided, but if you have a simple chant you would like to share, please do! The circle is open!

See Current Events for our next gathering!


Current Events

Sacred Voices Circles/Luminosa Feminine Ascension Portals / Hape & Sananga Experiences/ Kambo Ceremony/ Emergence Medicine Circles / Fire & Ice Ceremony / Cacao Circles / Embodiment Healing & more....

Sacred Voices & More
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