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Founder of Kambo Culture, Ecstatica Bliss Festivals & Sacred Wild Alchemy







Monica Guerreiro (Hickey) is an ecstatic alchemist, embodied leader, space holder and medicine carrier with lineages to Portuguese mysticism as well as initiations to Classical & Neo-Tantric wisdom. 


As the founder of Sacred Wild Alchemy, Monica offers a space for exploration and growth, blending sacred practices with a celebration of the wild and untamed aspects of human nature in order reconnect to your innate purpose - to remember that you are all beings of divine love with the capacity to heal, expand & integrate bliss into our life. Truly. She incorporates elements of Tantra, Embodiment Work, Plant Medicine, Qi Gong, Breathwork, Spiritual Initiations, & holistic remedies from around the world.


Her aim is to help us heal through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual, fostering a sense of wholeness, aliveness, and empowerment.

Monica is an Initiated Medicine Woman, Certified Yoga Teacher, Kambo Practioner, Somatic Womb Healer and Tantric Priestess. She hosts wellness workshops around Ontario, including Music/Art Festivals & is the head organizer of Ecstatica Bliss Festivals; a grass roots live dj ecstatic dance event that combines healing through dance, breath, sound, movement and community connection. 

MONICA OFFERS 1 - 1 Mentorship , Group Mentorship, Plant Medicine Circles & Rituals, Womb Healing, Embodiment  Healing, Tantric Alchemy & more. 


Somatic Womb Healing

New Earth Feminine

Kambo / Hape / Sananga Ceremonies


Shakti Fusion

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